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Modulus provides premium post production finishing services for broadcast, advertising and independent cinema.  If you crave crystal clear sound and pin-sharp quality on all screens then you've come to the right place. We love finding that magical moment where motion sound and picture meet for maximum effect. We take pride in combining smart file-based digital workflows and award-winning quality with sensible pricing. We are located in Boston Massachusetts but collaborate comfortably with clients all over North America.  Get in touch - Let's make some awesome!


Our Most Popular Services:

    • Conform, Color Correction and Online Editing for film
    • Sound Mixing for film and video
    • Master Deliverables for HDTV and theatrical distribution
    • HDCAM, Blu-Ray, Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for Theatrical Screenings
    • Top-quality DVD Authoring, Replication and Duplication
    • Interactive products for iPhone and iPad 


Some Great Reasons to Work With Us:

    • Producers save time and money by combining services
    • Efficient all-digital workflows from FCP, Avid or Premiere sequences
    • Our DVD quality surpasses releases by Sony, Criterion, PBS and others
    • Best NTSC to PAL conversion
    • Best DV to HD conversion
    • Consulting, Digital Vaulting and Archiving services available



Often you have to choose between high-end professional work or tender loving care – Modulus has always exceeded my expectations for each.  — Andrew Bujalski, FUNNY HA HA, COMPUTER CHESS

DCP Special!!

From now through December 2014. DCP creation services are discounted 10%
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