Sound is Half the Picture

The small details are important. The timbre of a voice can engender interest or empathy. Sound qualifies the images we see by providing information and emotion. At Modulus you'll get a sound mix that is balanced and impactful. Our primary goal is to make the voices in your film sound great. If a mix can stand on it's own without the picture then we know we've done our job correctly.

Gear is important. We tried every possible workstation and picked AudiocubeTM as the most powerful, efficient and best-sounding of them all. It handles audio with 64-bit floating point accuracy and gives us silky smooth EQ, compression and bussing. We use the same VPI's that the Library of Congress and Smithsonian use for cleaning up noise, removing artifacts and archiving our national audio treasures.

Listening is important. Krell amplification, SLS Ribbon-element monitors, a Bag End subwoofer, Neumann and Sennheiser mics for voice overs and dubbing and an acoustically-flat, Alactronics designed audio suite that leaves nothing to chance. By design, our control room purposefully has less gear in it than most, leaving a large sweet spot in a clear, uninterrupted sound field. 

We love helping editors and directors express their vision with sound. Let us know if you'd like to visit for a tour or hear a sample of our work.


Sound Mixing Examples:

Documentaries for HDTV

Artful mixing of docs to network technical spec is one of our specialties. Here are samples of programs prepared for PBS, ITVS and Investigation Discovery: GIVE ME THE BANJO, JAMES BAKER, WHITEY BULGER, and HIGH TECH, LOW LIFE. 




Audio Post Workflow Chart



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