5.1 Surround Mixing

When to Surround

When budget allows, a 5.1 surround mix can greatly increase the production value of a film as well as it's salability. A well-crafted surround mix can enhance realism and create an immersive experience within your film. Some networks and distributors contractually require 5.1 mix deliverables (5.1 M&E mix, 5.1 stems, etc.). Modulus can schedule both stereo and 5.1 surround mixing at the same time or a surround mix can be added at a later date.

An Exceptional 5.1 Mixing Suite

Designed by an reknowned acoustician for 5.1 excellence and accuracy, our Audio Suite is possibly the sweetest-sounding near-field 5.1 room in New England. Unlike most control rooms filled with fancy gear, we removed as much gear as possible, intentionally, and what remains is a pure 5.1 sound field, free of obstructions, fan noise and blinking lights. The walls contain five identical full-range ribbon element speakers, each equidistant from the mix position, and powered by exquisite KrellTM amplification. Our Audiocube5TM audio workstation is faster and more powerful than ProToolsTM. It delivers silky-smooth mixes that meet all technical needs. It also allows us to clean up noise and overmodulation with fewer artifacts.

What's It's Like?

Mixing at Modulus means working in a comfortable, unique home theater-like setting. Your film is presented on a 52" LCD screen and you'll be guided through the process by an experienced engineer. What we'd ideally like to do is understand your film and present back to you the ideas and materials you brought to us, then along with you, improve on it, bringing the final to a fine polish. Our workflow includes a review-tweak-approval cycle that allows for incremental improvements to films that even auteurs are surprised by.  Let our talents and experience further your creativity.





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