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Post Finishing Services

From constantly innovating during the last 17 years, Modulus has gained deep experience in nearly aspect of digital motion picture post. If you need something special that's not listed below please give us a call. 


Production workflow planning  •  Post-Production Consulting 
Digital Dailies
Data Management  •  Audio Synching  •  Digital Hub and Backup services
SD to HD Upconversion  •  Frame Rate Conversion  •  Restoration
Color Correction & Grading  •  Stabilization  •  Grain Management  •  Noise Reduction
Online Editing
Title Design  •  Supers  •  Motion Graphics  •  Animation  •  Moves-On-Stills  •  VFX
Deliverables for TV or Distribution  •  Closed Captions  •  Technical Spec Reports 
Ala Carte Services
Subtitles  •  Audio Description  •  DCP for Cinema  •  DVD or Blu-Ray Authoring  •  Web Video Solutions 




Hire an experienced Post Supervisor. Is your data safe at every stage of production?  Are your changing crew members following a clear checklist of standards?  Is your editor getting bogged down with duties that others should be handling? We'll work with you to create a workflow, calendar, and checklists for an overall game plan for success.

Digital Dailies

Hire Modulus as a data hub for your production. Picture this: All your data backed up in three copies in separate locations at all times. Your DIT can view a live shared checklist to know that it's safe to wipe the cards. All footage ingested properly.  All sound files will be synched to the each take. Each take will be entered in a log against the camera report and sound report.  And all proxies uploaded to your AE or editor no matter where they live.  You will sleep well tonight.


Documentaries with archival footage, home movies, and mixed sources will benefit from our Conform process.  Rather than simply scale up footage, Modulus takes a lab approach to conversion that may take a little longer but yields much better results.  We find the highest quality pathway for each class of footage in your timeline to meet the target format. 

  • Film-like imagery from DLSR footage  [post examples for Michael Madsen, Dark Feed, One Cut]
  • Unparalled SD to HD conversions   [post examples for Beijing Taxi] 
  • Match AVCHD to Red 4k  [post examples for Bostonia clip]
  • Restore archival footage for an HD timeline   [post examples for Taft or Rarebit Fiend]


Color needs to serve technical and aesthetic goals. Modulus's goal would be to refine the work done by your DP and editor into a consistent aesthetic statement that satisfies all technical needs for the film.  Read more about Color Correction and Color Grading here.

Color example stills    •   Color example video   •   Color Correction page

Online Editing

Online editing is the assembly process bringing together the sound mix, titles, animation and color work together. It is also where one sees small fixes, framing out a visible mic or trimming off an extra frame from an interview.  Online editing is where the film gets approved in it's final form before it's exported out as a ready-to-publish master.  Many smaller services feed the online process and these can be contracted separately as needed. 

  • Title Design for screen text - Opening titles, main title, intertitles, lower thirds, subtitles, end cards and end scroll. 
  • Moves-on-stills animation (After Effects) and Spotting of stills (Photoshop)
  • Visual Effects - Removals, replacements, green screen compositing. Be sure to discuss with us what is needed.



A "DI" or Master File is an extra high resolution copy used to generate all other master parts distribution, broadcast and archival purposes. Modulus has an in-house Quality Assurance department that proofs all masters before shipping.  We stand behind the quality of each master. 

Typical file masters for TV and Distribution include:
  • Master File (HD or 4K) – a DI or primary master video
  • Textless Master File (HD or 4K) – for editing a version for TV, foreign, education, or a trailer
  • Web Streaming Master  – We create a Hi-bit MP4 for online film festival, YouTube or Vimeo or laptop playback
Additional Options:
  • Closed Captions – a .SCC made for broadcast
  • HDCAM tape masters
  • LTO Data Tape Masters - to archive the film master files in a long-term storage format


Ala Carte Services

Once a master file has been approved and exported, other supporting parts can be made as the film's needs expand. If ordered at the time of finishing these can be discounted in a package, but otherwise they can be ordered separately at any time.

Additional services include:
  • Closed Captions – usually .SCC made for broadcast, SRT or WebVTT for the web
  • Subtitles – in English or other languages for DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Audio Description Track - We write, record, mix and export an AD Master File
  • Watermarking – for secures screeners 
  • DVD or Blu-Ray Disc Masters
  • DCP for Cinematic Exhibition


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information 



Video Post Workflow Chart


DCPs Discounted Through 2024

Prices for unlocked DCPs including hard drives are $690 for a feature, and $345 for a short subject.
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