Disc Authoring for DVD and Blu-Ray

Why Bother With Discs?

In this age of fast media there are not many instances where DVD has advantages over web media, but there are at least a few. For example when selling copies at screenings, or playbacks by the staff at schools and hospitals, sales at gift shops and gifts in general DVDs are reliable and easy to use. Also, when you need to make a solid impression with a programmer, a well-made DVD shows a commitment above and beyond the multitudes that can upload to the web.  We still encourage all users to upload clips, but DVDs can look fantastic, sound immaculate and won't choke or go out of sync the way a web stream can. Blu-Rays on the other hand have become the best low-cost way to hold an HD screening so many film festivals have begun accepting Blu-Ray for projection.


Why Modulus? 

We've set uncompromising standards for design, image quality, playback compatibility and ease of use.  Over the past ten years Modulus has created 100's of commercial titles seen by millions of users around the world.  We replicate about half-a-million discs a year.  Our DVDs have optimal picture resolution that rival releases by Sony or Criterion, and we've been entrusted by Nikon USA for all their Nikon School DVDs (as well as held to their uncompromising levels of quailty for image, sound and global green standards).  All of our authored discs employ a "smart button" scripting technique that tracks user choices and makes our discs much easier to use.  If your disc releases need to step up to a higher level please get in touch.


Disc Menu and Package Design

We can design menus for your project or work with your designer to create effective menus. Here are some menu sets from a Ravi Shankar concert, a Blu-Ray for the Longwood Museum, and the documentary MY LOUISIANA LOVE, designed at Modulus.

Ravi Shankar menu

House of Broadstreet Blu-Ray popup

My Louisiana Love menu


Disc Verification Service

Every disc master created at Modulus is put through a quality assurance protocol that involves 31 technical test/check points and playback on up to 3-5 popular players. It takes extra time to complete but it's no secret that the peace of mind is worth it. If you author your own DVD's, Modulus can test your disc masters as a separate service. 


Package Design and Product Manufacturing Services

Modulus creates high-end packaged DVD's products for retail and educational markets. If needed we can design cover art, disc labels and inserts, as well as custom packaging. 



Our in-house duplication service is fast, convenient and accurate. Unlike most vendors, each disc is guaranteed. If you need lowest priced service, try elsewhere, but if you need reliable, high-quality copies we might be your vendor. 


To receive quotes on DVD Authoring or Blu-Ray Authoring or Replication or Duplication, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  



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